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Soon to be SEXPO

We’re not going to lie, one of our favourite times of the year here at Sexy Secrets Shop has to be the annual Melbourne instalment of SEXPO. With a huge range of entertainment, from strip teases to all-out-fetish demonstrations, toys and more, SEXPO truly is like a wild and debaucherous Christmas for those who love a bit of adult fun. This year is set to be an absolute ripper, and whilst it may be a couple of months away (November, to be more specific) we here at Sexy Secret Shop are always happy to discuss the upcoming naughtiness of the occasion, in the hope that you too will share in the fun.

Read on to learn more about SEXPO 2017.

SEXPO Goes Retro 

Whilst the details may be few and far between for this year’s event, we do know this: the theme is ‘SEXPO Goes Retro’. This means, everyone who comes to join in on the fun gets to party like an adult star in the 70s. Wild, debaucherous, naughty, playful, and full of handlebar moustaches, the theme for this year’s event gets us all very excited for a bit of rock ‘n’ roll in a carnal environment.

There will be all the classic elements of SEXPO, but with the retro twist. This includes the world famous Amateur Strip, lounges, bars, hourly stage shows full of girls in old school lingerie and a bit less, the S.H.A.R.E Seminar Theatre, Laporium, Fetish Room and All Male Revue. Of course, there will be the usual array of vendors, sellers, lifestyle, health products, travel and more. The event gets bigger and bigger by the year.

Last years’ experience was an absolute blast, with an awesome turnout and some of the raunchiest fun we’ve ever seen at the event, so we can only assume the team at SEXPO is going to kick it up another gear. As long-time supporters of what is Australia’s most beloved sex event, Sexy Secret Shop can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year. Whilst we know the details are lacking at the moment, the SEXPO webpage is dropping names like Lisa Ann and Brandy Aniston as part of the roster, so fingers crossed they find themselves coming down under to show off what has made them some of the biggest stars in the biz.

Watch this space.

The Sneaky Pleasures of Remote Anal Foreplay

The digital age has opened up new horizons for sensual stimulation. Sexual technology has come a long way since the early days of the rubber dildo, and you can now find advanced gadgets that can produce any kind of orgasm, at any location.

Case in point: remote anal stimulation. If you’re a girl or guy who loves a bit of public stimulation and enjoys the sneakiness of doing it on the sly, then remote-controlled anal toys are the perfect gadget for you. I began allowing my partner to control the remote about two months ago, and it has been one of the most thrilling sexual experiences I’ve ever had.

Read on if you want to find out more about the sneaky pleasures of remote anal foreplay.

F**ked From Afar 

I’ve always loved anal, and my partner really enjoys giving me anal pleasure, so when we heard about the remote-controlled Je Joue remote butt plug, it’s fair to say we both got a bit of a rush in our pants. That being said, when we had both originally heard “remote-controlled” we thought it meant nothing more than my partner sitting in front of me, controlling the motions of this plug, doing what we wanted with my bottom. In return, I would receive spontaneous, unpredictable anal pleasure.

That aspect was amazing: we spent hours with me laying on my back, legs spread and with an alien gadget inside of me being controlled at the speeds of which my partner pleased – it was a massive­ turn on for the both of us. Then, after one session of naughty anal stimulation we discovered that the remote could be used remotely. Being the adventurous types that we are we said hey, ‘why not take this to the next level?’

The next day at work, when things had quietened down, I slipped off to the bathroom and inserted the Je Joue you know where. I texted my partner saying, ‘when you’re ready’ and waited. The suspense was killing me, as I knew he was forcing me into a game ‘when’s this gonna happen?’ and about half an hour later I felt a light vibration up there. The stimulation and sneakiness of the whole thing sent me wild even before he had even turned it up to full. From now on, whenever I get the need for some stimulation of the back orifice whilst at the office, I turn to the Je Joue, available for purchase at Sexy Secrets Shop now.

Don’t Knock It Till Ya Try It: My First Time With A Sex Doll

I’ve seen Lars and the Real Girl. I love the film, but I honestly never thought that making love to an inflatable doll was something for me. The notion of inserting your member into an inflatable doll naturally seemed a little, let’s say, taboo to me, but that was until I tried it for the first time. That’s the to say I didn’t necessarily go out of my way to procure this doll either – it was a gift, but I eventually gave it a go, and I really enjoyed it.

It was something completely new, and definitely worth giving a try to enhance your times of self-satisfaction.

Read on to find out why breaking the taboo of making love to an inflatable sex doll is not the craziest thing you could be doing in the bedroom.

A Humorous Birthday Present, At First… 

It was my 25th birthday, and it’s fair to say I wasn’t getting too much action at that time. One of my mates was aware of this, as mates often are. He and few of the other boys thought it would be a laugh to get me a life size sex doll. I should really say that when I opened the wrapping, all my mates laughing, that I immediately thought of trowing the thing away – but I didn’t.

I thought ‘hey, why not actually give this thing a crack?’ we all went out that night and had a few beers, and when I arrived home at about four in the morning the box was sitting in the corner of my room. There are no two ways of explaining it – I made love to the blow-up doll. I thought it would be weird, and that I would be judging myself mercilessly during, but the pleasure was too much to knock.

I don’t bring out Katie Cougar every time I have a moment of self-indulgence, but when I do it’s a pretty pleasurable experience. If you don’t necessarily think it’s your thing I say to you this: you only live once, so why not allow yourself the experience of a blow-up doll? It’s probably not going to turn into a Lars and the Real Girl kind of situation, but it’s good for a try – I promise you.

You’re Hot And You’re Cold: Temperatures In The Bedroom

This is not something we’ve touched on to date at Sexy Secrets Shop, and it’s something can really enrich your sex life. The use of hot and cold temperatures in the bedroom is something enliven and invigorate your sexual areas and ultimately, your sexuality. From the use of ice in fellatio to applying warm water to the genitals and the power of a warm breath – a bit of hold and cold in the bedroom always has the power to change things up in the act of love.

Read on to find out more about these styles of seduction, and how they can enrich any occurrence of slap and tickle with lovers.

Ice Him Up 

Something that has come more to the forefront in recent years is the use of ice to create sexual stimulation. If you’re having a romantic evening in with strawberries and champagne, don’t be afraid to take a cube of ice from the bucket and stick it in your mouth before applying your lips to your man’s body and penis. First, use the cool liquid created by the ice and run your tongue down his body, into surprising places – not just down the middle. Go to where he’s more sensitive, down the side of the ribs is a nice little trick.

Eventually, with ice still in mouth, make your way to his member, and begin to initiate fellatio-magic. The sensation a man feels with cool water rushing along his shaft is something to take their arousal to a new level, and will have him wanting to return the favour. On the topic of returning the favour, cool water can feel nice for stimulating the clitoris too, if you so desire…

Warm Each Other Up 

Switching poles here, guys, but the senses can be just as aroused by the application of heat to your lover. Blow on your lover’s skin with that warm, sultry breath of yours, and he or she will become all fired up and ready for some heated loving. Make sure you blow on the erogenous zones: the neck, nipples, earlobes, and of course – the genitals. A guy gets really riled up by having his testicles blown on, and a bit of fanning breath does wonders for the clitoris.

Add Some Toys 

What’s an amazing way to further increase the heat in the bedroom? By adding some appendages, of course. Sexy Secrets Shop has an awesome collection of toys for guys and girls that are sure to fire things up in the bedroom, have a look for yourself at our online store.

Breaking Taboos: My First Time with a Bondage Kit

This isn’t your standard Fifty Shades of Grey fluffed up fictional story: this actually happened. I had never been one for using bondage equipment, that is to say I never even really thought about it up until this night. When those books came out it never in crossed my mind to read them and I still haven’t. I know what they’re about and why would I have to read about bondage when I can now enjoy it whenever I want? Why fantasise about something through some novel when I get to have the real deal? There is a first time for everything, and the first time I experienced the sexual pleasure of bondage was after my second ever Tinder date.

I was excited to have matched with this guy: he looked damn cute. In messages he was funny, came across as charming (as much as you can through messaging) so I thought hey, why the hell not go out with him? He exuded sexual energy from the moment I met him: flowing brown curls, a charismatic smile and personality and he had a gorgeous Mediterranean tan. I knew that although it was the first date we were going to end up sleeping with one another. The vibe was there, and he gave me those long, cheeky looks that say “yeah, we’re doing this” and I gave them back.

Going back to his place 

I went, of course I did, the sexual energy between us was just too overpowering. As soon as we got through his door we went for it: throwing each down onto the couch, the floor, wherever we could unleash our lust for one another. But all of a sudden he stopped and said, “wait here, I’ll just be a sec”. I barely had to time to catch my breath before he had come out from his bedroom with a leather carry bag. I was confused, maybe concerned, but with the utmost confidence he produced a gag, cuffs and a whip and asked, “are you keen?” I laughed and double took the contents of the bag but just said, “f**k it, I’m down”.

What transpired was an evening of sinful, sexual pleasure I can happily say I experience most times I go to bed with a guy (unless there more on the prudish side, of course).

I always get my gear from Sexy Secrets Shop: they always look after me, and they have the best bondage gear.

Introducing CalExotics: Leaders in Pleasure

Since 1994 CalExotics has been at the forefront of the pleasure industry, designing and producing high quality sexual novelties for men, women and couples. Sexy Secret Shop is proud to announce a saucy new partnership with this pioneer of pleasure. To assist with the announcement of this exciting new partnership we thought we would give you a little rundown on the company and their products.

A Californian thing 

It’s hardly exaggerated when people say that California is one of the world’s sensual hotspots, with a raft of high-tech toy companies being based there and a majority of the world’s adult film distribution coming from the state, so it can hardly come as a surprise that CalExotics found their name and place on the Best Coast. They started out as a way of creating research-driven, highly-pleasurable sexual apparatuses that were more intricate than your standard dildo. They put years of research into creating products for men, women and couples that provide not only the utmost level of comfort for users but also the highest level of pleasure.

With so many companies joining the fray since 1994 CalExotics’ longevity is a testament to their ability to provide pleasure on another plateau. They just keep growing and growing, and this is why we’re proud to have their products coming to our online store.

What can you expect? 

CalExotics don’t go making crazy adornments that turn out not to create pleasure and certainly don’t give satisfaction – they do the classics, and they do them well. You can expect all the favourites from them to be available at Sexy Secrets Shop: high-functioning and pleasure-providing dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, beads, whips, outfits – everything needed to take your night of pleasure to a night of erotic satisfaction on a whole new level. From the Dr Joel Kapalan Power Prostate Massage to the Sterling Collection™ Sleeve Set, you will soon be able to find a product at Sexy Secrets Shop from this special provider that will get your heartbeat racing and your sexual desire amplified.

It won’t be long 

We will soon have CalExotics’ products available at our online store, so don’t despair. It won’t be before too long that you get to enjoy the sensual pleasure provided by this special supplier. We are just as excited as you are, trust us. Watch this space for the introduction of exciting CalExotics products to Sexy Secrets Shop’s online store.

Your Guide to Shopping for Your First Dildo

Buying your first sex toy is a rite of passage for any woman or man who wants to take self-pleasure to a whole new level. But let’s face it – knowing what you should buy is tough. Walk into any sex store and you will likely see an entire wall displaying the different types of dildos to choose from. Go online and it only becomes even more overwhelming, with thousands upon thousands of different brands and designs promising to tickle your fancy. Knowing what you want is the only way to ensure you make the right decision, so here are the things you should always think about before buying a dildo…


As we said before, there are a million and one different dildos on the markets and they come in almost every material under the sun. There’s the usual suspects such as silicon and rubber, but also stone, metal, wood, jelly and glass. It’s important to make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand who uses medical-grade materials, as you don’t want to be using anything down there that will turn your pleasure into pain.


Size is up there as one of the most important aspects of dildo decision-making. Too big and you won’t be able to use it, too small and it won’t get the job done. For most first-time users, a moderately sized option is usually best but if you’re still unsure you can even use your fingers to roughly measure what feels best for you.


The shape of your dildo will decide what sensation it gives you, as differently shaped options will hit different spots. Curved dildos will be more like to stimulate your G-spot or prostate, providing heightened pleasure and often more intense orgasms. A straight dildo, however, is the right option for you if you are looking for something that feels more like penetration.


All those bumps and ridges you see on different dildos? That will decide just how intense the stimulation will be while you’re using it. The more texture it has, the more intense it will be. The material also comes into play again here, as a firm material will also contribute to a more powerful experience.

If you’re looking to purchase high quality sex toys that will tick all your boxes, Sexy Secrets Shop is the best place to find them. Shop our online store today to find what you need.

What Can We Expect from the Future of Sex Robots?

It’s been talked about as a distant possibility for years but now it seems that technology is finally being used to satisfy your most realistic sexual desires – you guessed it, sex robots are here.

They speak to you, they respond to your touch, they are even capable of playing various different ‘roles’ depending on what you’re looking for. Sure, at the moment they cost a few thousand dollars a pop, but in the coming years we can expect these lifelike creations to dominate the sex toy industry.

You might be asking yourself, ‘what’s so good about a sex robot anyway?’ Well, for some people, a regular sex toy like a vibrator, dildo or blow up doll just doesn’t cut it. Instead, some of us crave closeness and company; realistic experiences that mimic what it’s like to be with a human. Sex robots have the capacity to give us this. Although most are still in the early stages of development, inventors have already nailed the ability to provide basic skills such as talking, responding to certain words or phrases and responding to intimate moments with realistic behaviour. One Spanish inventor even managed to create a robot with a G-spot, allowing you to simulate giving pleasure as well as receiving it. Experts are predicting that in the next decade or so, we will see the advancement of robots designed to deliver our deepest fantasies in a more affordable and accessible way.

As we come closer and closer to creating realistic sex technology, the question has to be asked; is there a chance that people will choose robots over real, living, breathing humans? You might feel relieved to know that most experts don’t think this will happen, as consumers of this technology still see robots as a form of sex toy. One thing that is for certain though is that in the coming years, the sex toy industry is sure to become very interesting.

Feeds of Fornication: Bringing Treats into the Bedroom

As strange as Seinfeld’s George Costanza was, there can be no denying that he was an ideas man. So, in the episode where he was seen emerging from under the covers during a romp with one of his many lovers, having a quick bite of a sandwich before returning under the sheets, it’s fair to say he was onto something. And he’s not alone, many people throughout existence have enjoyed bringing some culinary temptations into the act of coitus, and the team at Sexy Secrets are all for it.

To celebrate the delicious wedding of sex and sustenance, we have put together a little list of our favourite fare to take to the bedroom or, the kitchen.

Classic creamy goodness

This isn’t that scene from Varsity Blues, this is reality. Whipped cream is one of the world’s most delicious puffed up sweet things, and is perfect for licking off a lover’s body. Put it wherever you fancy, squeeze out as much as you desire, and begin the kissing, sucking, and licking off of this sensual sweetener.

Enjoying the fruits of your labour

Sex and fruit go together like chicken and avocado: they’re a winning combination. Fruit is light, sweet (mostly) and you feel good when you’re eating it, so why not bring in strawberries and pineapple into bed? Don’t mind the juices getting onto your mattress I mean, you’re making love, things are about to get pretty messy anyway, right?

Cheesin’ for a pleasin’

Everybody loves cheese. In fact, recent studies have suggested that cheese can be addictive, makes sense, right? Brie, camembert, bleu, gruyere, choose your favourite dairy goodness, and take it right to the milking room. Turn your room into a fromagerie of fornication with a wealth of oozy, cheesy goodness. The pleasure will be amplified.

And of course, our tasty goodies

Phallic candies, butter caramel body paint, weenie linguini, Sexy Secrets has a wealth of deliciously sensual edibles at our online store. Fun, playful, and tasty, our range of edible delicacies are the perfect way to bring some excitement into the culinary wonderland of your sexual appetite. Your sexual desire will be enhanced by the erotic styles and the enjoyment of sinful delights will lead to sexual pleasure on a whole new level.

Feel free to browse our range, they are simple delectable.

Porn and Prurience: Film to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Many couples go through the painful experience of lacking a carnal lust for one another. At some stage of the relationship, the standard foreplay onto quick head and missionary doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did. Things get dull, boring, the sex becomes lifeless. Whilst Australians are a generally culturally prudish bunch, this doesn’t mean we can’t give into the desire of prurience: Latin for “having an itching desire”. This itching desire could be for toys, it could be for something more adventurous say, anal. Many couples find they have a desire to switch on the laptop and go to a trusted pornography website.

Sexy Secrets applaud a couple who are not afraid to test the boundaries and get digital with their digits, search some bawdy stuff in the internet search bar and enjoy some hardcore porn.

We’d like to tell you why we think it’s a good idea.

It reignites your passion for sex

First and foremost, getting on the Wi-Fi and looking up a bit of erotic entertainment gets the blood flowing, and makes the sex brilliant. Don’t see it as admitting a lack of attraction to one another: see it as a new exploration of one another’s sexual preferences, boundaries, enjoyments. Using porn as a part of foreplay is a great way to get started on the steaminess: as you watch the hands become more sensual, more caressing, stroking, it will simply open up a new sexual frontier for you and your lover. You will soon find a reinvigorated passion for sex that you thought you had lost, and the sex will never be better.

It creates trust

Wait, hear me out, it really does create trust! If you have been in a relationship that has suffered from the niggling pains of jealousy: worrying about who your partner is looking at and vice-versa, worrying about them flirting with colleagues, whatever, watching some romantic fornication with them can help ease these stresses. You become more used to your partner watching another man or woman in the act of coitus. This isn’t to say they want to experience this in real life, but being more comfortable with them watching another person making love will make you comfortable when out and about, not so worried if they had a quick glance at that ripped guy or fit girl walking down the street. They want you – and you will be more comfortable with that after a few internet sessions.

Add some toys to it

If you want to add a few cheeky appendages to your porn viewing, you’ve cum to the right place. Sexy Secrets have a wealth of tantalising toys available at our online store, and we’re more than happy to provide you with them in the hope of further enhancing you and your love’s sexual desire for one another.