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Everything You Want (And Need) to Know About Male and Female Erogenous Zones

When it comes to getting turned on and pleasuring your partner, most people focus on the genitals and forget that our bodies are packed with areas that are made to be focused on during our most intimate moments.

If you haven’t heard of them before, an erogenous zone is a part of the body that has heightened sensitivity to touch, vibration, pressure and other sensations. Most importantly though, it contributes to sexual pleasure when stimulated. Both men and women have several erogenous zones throughout their body that can contribute to heightened sexual satisfaction. So where are these areas and how can they be used to take your sex life to new heights? Read on to find out.

For the ladies…


We’re guessing that if you have had any experience with women, you’ll know that the clitoris is the stimulation hotspot that should never be ignored. With hundreds of thousands of nerve-endings packed into this tiny area, research has shown that focusing on this area (specifically with pressure and vibration) is the fastest way to make your lady orgasm.

Breasts and nipples

Breasts aren’t just pleasurable for men to look at. they also provide plenty of satisfaction for women too when stimulated correctly of course. Just like the clitoris, putting pressure and vibration on the nipple area is the best way to arouse a woman above the belt.


When women were surveyed about the areas of the body that most turn them on, the base and the nape of the neck both landed a top 10 spot. Sensitive and light to the touch, this is a key area to focus on if you’re trying to get your girl warmed up during foreplay.

For the men…


Just like the clitoris, the scrotum is home to thousands of nerve-endings that make it super sensitive to the touch. The good news is that men overwhelmingly agree that this area is a great way to get them going. The bad news is that research has had a hard time figuring out what type of touch works best, so perhaps it’s time to get experimenting…


This small area between the anus and the scrotum has plenty of nerve endings that sent pleasure signals straight to the brain. If that’s not enough to get you interested in paying attention down there, we don’t know what is.


Just like women, men’s nipples are very sensitive to the touch. Light pressure is best when it comes to this area, making it a great zone to focus on for foreplay.

The Craziest Hi-Tech Sex Toys on the Market

What do you get when you combine innovative technology with niche sexual interests? Weird and wonderful erotic toys, of course. It seems that every few months heralds the debut of a new sex product that pushes the boundaries of technology even further. Take a look at these hi-tech creations and see just how far technology has come in the world of sex toys…

The Electric Eel

Fancy having electrical impulses sent up your shaft via a material condom? Then the Electric Eel is for you. This toy is wired with electrodes that aim to magnify the vibrations that you experience during penetration. The impulse settings can be changed via a microcontroller, depending on how intense you want the experience to be. But the question must be asked: sex toy or torture device? We’ll leave you to figure that one out.

The Siime Eye

This option is for anyone who has ever wondered what the inside of their girlfriend’s vagina looks like. Essentially a vibrator with a camera on the end, the Siime Eye has been dubbed ‘the GoPro of sex toys’ by critics and enthusiasts alike. Controlled via Bluetooth technology by pairing with your smartphone, this toy allows you to see inside the vagina with the help of a low-level light. Call it weird or wonderful, this one is sure to make for an interesting time in the bedroom for those couples who dare to use it.

The Launchpad

The Launchpad is perhaps as close to simulated sex as we currently have, as it allows users to strap their iPad to a slate that is also connected to a fleshlight. From there, you can watch porn and enjoy live sex cams in a way that simulates oral sex from the receivers point of view. While arguably the least technologically advanced on the list, you can’t deny that such a relatively simple idea is sure to make a few men very, very happy.


Robotic sex dolls have been anticipated for a while now, and the Realdoll might be the most realistic option currently on the market. Priced at more than $5000, this toy has it all; fingers that move, computer controlled speech and the ability to perform hip movements like a real woman. Some call it creepy, others call it the way of the future. Perhaps only time will tell.

My Problem, My Solution: Finding the Perfect Vibrator for Me

Okay, I’m not afraid to admit it: I love a little ‘me’ time, and I love to have it in my bedroom with the blinds drawn and the door closed. Of course, in my years of self-pleasure, I haven’t limited myself to the use of the index and middle fingers.

I love experimenting with new gadgets to find that perfect mix of subtle tickle and outright pleasure, but at the end of the day, I always want to be able to make myself reach the perfect climax, each one hopefully being as good as the last.

But for a long time, I couldn’t find the right instrument of enjoyment. I went through three vibrators in as little as six months, thoroughly disappointed with their lack of ability to stimulate my spot in just the right way, and for their lack of versatility and options.

It was, in all honesty, becoming a very frustrating situation. I believe in pleasure as an enjoyable method of relaxation, whether it be with a partner or all by my lonesome, and therefore I needed the right toy to get me going.

I found the perfect accomplice

Luckily for me, one night I was having a couple of drinks with a friend when the conversation took on more of a cheeky turn. She informed me that she had once had the same problem in trying to find the perfect vibrator for her needs.

She said the way to go was with Rabbit – in particular, the ultra-enjoyable Advanced G Jack Rabbit.

Upon purchasing the toy, unwrapping it from its packaging and examining it in detail, I was almost overwhelmed. This toy had so many differing functions: 10 varying vibrations, pulsations, and escalations; four differing speeds; rotating beads – simply everything you could think of. It was almost hard to know where to get started.

But upon using this wonderful little gadget, things changed. This isn’t just your standard vibrator; it is the perfect vibrator for women who like to mix things up in a big way: you can start slow and soft, gently warming yourself up to greater speeds of intense pleasure. Its adorable bunny ears tickle and work your spot perfectly, helping you reach the ultimate climax.

Since getting one of these little gadgets, I haven’t looked back. The Advanced G Jack Rabbit is perfect for me, and I’m confident it will be for many women.

Surprising My Fling with Fetishist Things

Many sexually timid people would say I was bit upfront in surprising the guy I’ve been seeing for a month with fetishist goodies, but I love the element of surprise, it really turns me on.

Don’t get me wrong, the month we had been seeing each other for moved rather fast, with plenty of passionate evenings spent together in the build-up to my suggestion of spicing things up a bit with the titillating toys I had hidden away in my cupboard.

It was just like any other passionate evening: we had dinner and a few drinks at a bar, and then went back to my place. However, on this occasion I had a few things hidden away that I wanted to finally unleash on this guy. I wasn’t even afraid of asking him as he seemed like the kind of guy who just might go for a walk on the wild side.

My proposal

We got back to mine, and things got intense upon entering the lounge room. We were on the couch, making out, when I said to him, “Hey, I’ve got some things I want to show you… but you can’t judge, okay?”. He answered with a slightly apprehensive, “Yeah, sure”.

I took his hand and led him to the bedroom, flicked the light on, sat him down on the bed, and made my way to the cupboard. Digging around, I produced a pair of Bad Kitty Butterfly Nipple Clamps. To my delight, he was pleasantly surprised. Yes, I thought to myself, I’ve passed the first test.

He said he would be happy to give them a go, and so I said I had some more goodies hidden away. He quickly became excited and intrigued.

From then on, I produced a pair of flexible restraints and a cat-o-nine tails. I could see his face become red out of a mix of excitement, and perhaps embarrassment at being a novice with such apparatuses.

Needless to say, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of unbridled sexual pleasure. And there were many more to come – in the end, I can confidently say it wasn’t the sex that caused the breakup of our relationship.

I like to think I took my slightly prudish little friend to whole new levels in sexual pleasure, and sex is something that should be experimented with: toys are fun, being extra naughty is fun, so why not jump right in and test the boundaries.

How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

So you’ve been dating someone for a few months now. Many tantalising hours spent in the bedroom have taught you what really leaves them wanting more – and you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that using toys might just fit into that category. But how do you broach the subject without it feeling awkward and uncomfortable? Let us walk you through it and we promise you’ll have a drawer full of secret goodies in no time.

Communication is key

When it comes to using sex toys in a relationship, it’s very easy for one party to feel insecure or uncomfortable with the idea. This could be because they see it as a criticism of their own performance, or because they worry that the toy will replace them entirely. While these concerns may sound silly to you, it’s important to make sure your partner understands why you feel you would both benefit from introducing this into your bedroom, while listening to their concerns if they have any. This is likely to be the biggest roadblock, which is why we would never recommend surprising them with a vibrator, cock ring or butt plug before you’ve had the right conversation.

Find out what you like

Once you’ve got the conversation covered, now the fun really begins. Talking about what you would both enjoy in the bedroom can be a huge turn on in itself, as it usually uncovers those fantasies that you may not have explored as a couple yet. Perhaps your man wants to use a vibrating cock ring while you have always enjoyed the thought of intense clitoral stimulation while also being penetrated. Or maybe anal play is more up your alley, making a butt plug or anal beads the way to go. Whatever it is, this can act as foreplay for the main event.

Take a trip to the sex store

Now the time has come to pick your pleasure. Make your way to an adult shop to browse the aisles and find something that you both like the look of. Remember that the sales assistants in these stores are usually quite knowledgeable about the items they sell, so if you are comfortable telling them what you’re looking for they could really help you pick a winner. But if you’re uncomfortable with physically going to pick out your toy, there are a wealth of reputable online sex toys that are sure to stock what you’re looking for. All it takes is a quick browse online to discover something that really tickles your fancy.

Trying out your new toy

We don’t think we really need to explain this one. Unboxing your toy and using it for the first time might leave you feeling giddy with excitement, which is exactly what you want when you bring something new into the bedroom. Once you’ve taken the time to really explore how best to maximise each other’s pleasure, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try it earlier.

What You Need to Know About Anal

Anal sex can be a taboo pleasure to partake in, but the truth is that while it may not be widely talked about, almost everybody is doing it. Research has shown that up to 60% of women are engaging in anal intercourse with their partners, while more and more men are choosing to join in on the action as well. And why wouldn’t they when anal penetration has the potential to be a mind-blowing experience, reaching erogenous spots and nerve endings that can’t be reached via vaginal intercourse.

The pleasure is entirely different of vaginal penetration, making it an exciting road to travel down. But if you want to satisfy your curiosity, there are a few things you should know first…

Take it easy

In case you’ve been left in the dark until now, we’re here to let you know that the anus is very, very different to the vagina when it comes to sex. So trust us when we say that going at it like you do with vaginal penetration just won’t cut it. Feeling completely at ease and in the moment is the first step to enjoying anal, as it allows the muscles around your anus to relax, which in turn makes penetration more enjoyable. If you’re scared, nervous or simply not wanting to try anal at all, it’s probably going to give you more pain than pleasure (and probably not in the good way).

The best way to avoid this is to communicate well with your partner and really work your way up to anal penetration. This might mean spending a bit more time with foreplay before testing the waters with a finger or a toy, such as anal beads or a butt plug. Once you feel you’re ready, your first time trying anal should be taken slowly while both you and your partner get an idea for what feels good for both of you.

Don’t forget to lube up

Anal sex without lube is rarely a good idea, as the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubrication in the same way the vagina does. Even if you’re extremely turned on and feel like you’re ready to go, both the giver and the receiver could be in a lot of pain if you’re not properly lubed up. The last thing you want is to ruin anal for yourself almost as soon as you start, so make sure you have a bottle of lube at the ready at all times.

Add to your toy collection

Just like with vaginal intercourse, there is no shortage of exciting toys to experiment with when it comes to anal play. From plugs and dildos to massagers and products that are specifically designed to reach those hard to find erogenous spots, these toys are a great way to find out what you enjoy. As you become more comfortable with anal sex, you can start looking for better – and perhaps bigger – toy options that will maximise you and your partners pleasure.

The Sexy Trick that Saved our Marriage

My husband and I wouldn’t be the first couple to admit that after eight years of marriage, our sex life was starting to become a little bit – well – soft. We have been together for a total of 10 years now, and both know all too well that the human psyche can find itself a little bored after the same conservative sex for an extended period.

The real problem that came with this lack of pizazz under the covers was the frustration, tension and contempt that came with not being committed to satisfying each other’s sexual desires. We would both get home from work, cook dinner, watch some television, and then get in bed, night after night, becoming increasingly agitated with each other’s ulterior to go straight to sleep instead of fuelling the fire of our sex life that had once burned so brightly.

The gap in between us grew bigger in bed, the cuddling less frequent. It was becoming a serious problem for our marriage, not just our sex lives. We are still a relatively young couple, and shouldn’t be struggling to satisfy each other’s sexual urges.

We realised that something had to be done, and fast. We experimented with trying different positions, naughty movies, everything, and they didn’t seem to be working to the greatest degree.

So, we decided to take the leap towards sexy couple’s kits, and – oh my – it totally changed things for us. We first invested in a Getting and Giving Amazing Fellatio set, which reignited the passion we once had for pleasing each other the oral way. Simply put, it had never felt better.

Due to the success of our fun new fellatio kit, we decided to step it up a notch. We picked up a Fetish Fantasy Wedding Night Kit, and relived our honeymoon, but this time with some cuffs, cat o’nine tails, and satin mask to make things extra cheeky.

We both agreed that it was an amazing experience, and since then, we haven’t looked back. We pick up a new set every couple of months or so, and it’s become a bit of a naughty tradition for us. Instead of going out for dinner with friends or to the movies, we have one Saturday night in each month, trying out our new adventurous goodies.

Needless to say, introducing this sexy trick into our marriage has reinvigorated the love and passion that we thought had alluded us, and isn’t that the most important thing?

Breaking the Mould: My First Pocket Pussy

I was one of those guys who was, let’s say, put off by the thought of playing host to my very own artificial vagina.

It was just a bit too taboo for me, and many questions regarding the notion came to mind when considering purchase: are they even that good? Will they be able to satisfy my urges in self-satisfaction? How do I clean them? The thoughts were confronting and getting in the way of something I should have just slid into to find out for myself.

As time went on, and the pondering of the pocket pussy became a slightly more frequent fixture in my not-so-frequent self-loving thought process, I became more intrigued and excited by the idea of having my own rubber rectum. Of course, the idea remains a taboo to many men around the world, but let’s be honest, sex toys shouldn’t have to be reserved for the ladies, should they?

Finding the Right Friend for Me
I guess the main thing that I had to consider when purchasing my own pocket pussy was this: with what type would I receive the most pleasure? Of course, there are many different stylings of artificial orifices available on the market: there are standard vaginal entries for a typical intercourse replicant, there are anal variants for a tighter grasp, and there are mouths for guys who like a good BJ.

And, not only this, male sex toys are starting to catch up with the ladies on the technological-sex-toys-arms race, developing products such as the Tenga Deep Throat Cup which operates with a suction and menthol freshness to give you the ultimate head sensation.

In the end, I decided on the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost. As aforementioned, I held concerns about the cleaning situation with a post-pleasure pocket pussy. The Quickshot Boost is perfect as it comes with a dual opening at both ends of the toy, making cleaning an absolute breeze.

Whilst cleaning was an important element of choosing the right toy for me, naturally pleasure is principal, and I could tell that the Quickshot Boost would provide me with the right sensation to get my rocks off.

The dual-orifice SuperSkin allows for the perfect amount of pleasure to be applied, and I’ve found that it’s great for couple’s play, too. I couldn’t be happier with my Quickshot Boost, and I think it’s about time more guys “broke the mould” and purchased themselves a pocket pussy.

Toys Your Partner Will Love for Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to wow your partner with something they will truly love. Well forget the chocolates and flowers because we have a huge range of naughty gifts perfect for him or her. Take a look at our hot picks and look forward to the grin on your partner’s face when they open it up on V Day.

4Play Purple Passion Kit

Want to buy your wife or girlfriend a tantalising toy but don’t know what she will like or where to start? This kit from 4Play is the perfect way to test the waters. Included is three different types of vibrators, giving you the opportunity to experiment with a variety of intensities and erotic areas until you discover what it is that really tips her over the edge. Whether you use each item separately or combine them for an intensely enjoyable experience, this present tells her that her pleasure is your priority.

Fantasy C-Ringz Remote Control Double Penetrator

If you want to really ramp up the fun this Valentine’s Day, look no further than this ultimate cock ring. Specially designed to maximise pleasure for both you and your partner, this one is for those people who want to experience the pleasure of double penetration without inviting someone else into the bedroom. The four-beaded shaft is soft and flexible, offering the versatility of both anal or vaginal penetration, while the cock ring itself puts a pressure on his shaft that makes him last longer. For an experience that you can both enjoy, make this luxurious option your go-to gift.

Heavenly Nights Mini Massage Kit

If you’re not looking for a toy but still want to gift your partner something intimate and enjoyable for you both, this massage kit by Heavenly Nights is the perfect option. A sensual massage is a great way to treat your significant other to a relaxing yet tantalising experience that they will love. With four unique scents, these oils are made with a non-greasy formula, meaning that you don’t need to worry about cleaning up a sticky mess when you’re done. Well, not from the massage oils, anyway…

Icicles Gold Edition E10

This luxury glass item is perfect for those couples who enjoy anal play and want to take it to a whole other level. With a sophisticated gold finish, this will be the star of your toy collection not just in looks but also in ability. Three specially designed bulbs guarantee the deepest, most pleasurable sensation possible while the ergonomic ring ensures that you can insert and remove with ease. Plus, as this item is made from high quality glass, you can chill it or heat it up in some water to experience an entirely different type of sensation. Effortless to wash and designed to ensure a lifetime of sensual enjoyment, this is the perfect way to give your significant other a gift they will appreciate over and over again.

Why You Should Choose a Glass Dildo

When most people hear the word ‘dildo’, they usually think of textured silicone and rubber; soft to the touch in an attempt to get it looking feeling as lifelike as possible. And while these options can lead you to a lot of fun in the bedroom, a glass dildo can take your pleasure to the next level. Whether you’ve been unsure about experimenting with these types of toys or simply haven’t heard of them before, continue reading to find out why this should be in your arsenal of sex toys.

They stimulate sensitive areas more easily

Wanting to hit that G-spot just right but nothing seems to be working? A glass dildo might be exactly what you need. As glass options are denser, they are able to put more pressure on your sex spots, increasing stimulation in those areas and creating huge waves of pleasure for you and your partner. If you want to take your sex life to new heights, this is just the thing to help you do it.

They’re comfortable… yes, really

Many people cringe at the thought of being penetrated by a glass dildo, assuming it will be uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike silicone or rubber based alternatives – which can pull against your skin if not wet or lubed up enough – glass creations slide in and out of you with ease. They’re smooth and easy to manoeuvre, exactly what you want when you’re playing with yourself or a partner.

They can be adjusted to different temperatures

Playing with different temperatures can be a lot of fun, and a glass dildo helps you do this unlike any other sex toy. Depending on what you’re into, you can heat them up or cool them down before you start playing. For someone wanting to try something different, this can be a lot of fun as it can give a completely different experience as you notice the change in temperature throughout your body.

They are easy to clean

You might even say that they’re the easiest sex toy to clean on the market. As glass is non-porous, all you need to do is give it a good rinse with non-perfumed soap after each use. No special sprays or cleaners needed, unlike their silicone counterparts. Plus, when you take good care of your glass toy, they can last a lifetime… literally. They don’t deteriorate and with appropriate handling you could keep using it for years and years.