Sex Toy Stats In Australia

November 29th, 2013

Ever wondered if your colleagues or neighbours indulge in a little sex toy play in the bedroom? Screaming Violet has written an article which outlines some of Australia’s interesting sex toy statistics:

  • 77% of Australians who were surveyed said they used some form of sex toy, bondage gear or lingerie in the bedroom.
  • In terms of sex toy usage, married people used them the most at 48%.
  • A quarter of all Australians use a sex toy solo more than once in a week.
  • Most people who own sex toys own more than one, with 70% of toy owners saying they had more than 3 items in their personal collection.
  • So what’s the most popular sex toy in Australia? The vibrator comes in at a healthy 81%. Of course lubricants are also popular at 47%.
  • So do Aussies feel awkward talking about ‘it’? 25% have no issue talking openly about sex and 50% say it comes up once or twice in a conversation. Only one quarter said never, because it’s personal.