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4 Must-Have Smartphone Apps to Turn Up the Heat

November 16th, 2017

With the world revolving around technology, why not take advantage of the digital revolution to enhance your bedroom ‘playtime’? Intimacy is transforming and bringing your smartphone into the bedroom is just another way to jump on board the new trend and ride it all the way to O-town. To help you, we’ve put together a list of our favourite sexy apps to keep you trembling with temptation. iKarmasutra Lite This app delivers the wisdom of the world’s infamous sex guide right to your pocket. With sex positions and tips overflowing across nine different categories, you will never be at a read more...

10 Artists That Kill the Mood Every Time!

November 3rd, 2017

A sexy soundtrack can spice up the seduction in the bedroom but if you’re not careful, it could turn things right around…for the worse! Check out our list of the top artists to avoid on your pound-town playlist. MC Hammer He really only has the one hit but it’s a doozie when it comes to shaking in the sheets. ‘U Can’t Touch This’ is so recognisable and so NOT sexy that, if it came on in the bedroom, it might just have the power to friendzone you instantly! Don’t risk it — keep your ‘Hammertime’ to the dancefloor. Village People read more...

Ultimate Role-Playing Scenarios for You and Your Lover

October 23rd, 2017

Whether you’re a seasoned home-sexologist or someone new to the idea of games in the bedroom, role-playing is a fun and sexy way to liven up things with your lover. When people think of role-playing they immediately cast their minds to those poorly-produced, under-budgeted pornos where the pizza delivery comes to the door only to sit down on the couch, open the lid and reveal his giant boner is stabbing through the cardboard box and the pizza. We here at Sexy Secrets Shop aren’t saying that your role-playing endeavours shouldn’t run along these lines, but we thought we would give read more...

Three (More) Out There Things That Turn Women On

September 5th, 2017

The age-old question of what women want in the bedroom (or outside of it) is one that still manages to baffle the world’s scientists, psychologists, sexologists and any other ists you can think of who have popped their name on a study relating to the female orgasm. Being such an outrageously popular field of study for men and women around the globe naturally the results have become wide, varied and occasionally, bizarre. Depending on where you look you can find something new that apparently turns a woman on, and studies have yielded some out there results. Sexy Secrets Shop has read more...

Soon to be SEXPO

August 17th, 2017

We’re not going to lie, one of our favourite times of the year here at Sexy Secrets Shop has to be the annual Melbourne instalment of SEXPO. With a huge range of entertainment, from strip teases to all-out-fetish demonstrations, toys and more, SEXPO truly is like a wild and debaucherous Christmas for those who love a bit of adult fun. This year is set to be an absolute ripper, and whilst it may be a couple of months away (November, to be more specific) we here at Sexy Secret Shop are always happy to discuss the upcoming naughtiness of the read more...
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