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If you think you know the 90’s then this 90’s pop culture trivia game is the ultimate test, team up with you 90’s baby buddy and have a crack at beating your opponents. With over 400 pop culture questions that also feature pictures, trivia and various game challenges this game is bound have plenty of questions that will stump your opponents. Take a trip down memory lane with the attitude of 90’s music and TV, plus all the early video games and of course the fashion! There is also a sound track on Spotify to check out!

Playing is simple; each team takes it turns to ask the other team a question and if a player answers a question correctly they score 1 point for their team. The first team to score 7 points is the winner and will bask in 90s glory (cue the music)!

Product Details:

  • 3+ players
  • Ages 14+