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The Rosebud range of Butt Plugs is the perfect addition for enhanced masturbation, foreplay and sex. They feature tapered tips for easy insertion and a flared base so it won’t slide all the way inside which make them comfortable for prolonged wear. They are made from quality aluminum material that is body safe, non-porous, will last a lifetime and is compatible with all lubes! Wearing a butt plug during intercourse increases vaginal stimulation. These Plugs can also but heated up with warm water and chilled in a fridge/freezer to cool thing down for added thrills and sensations!   

Product Details: 

  • Features beautiful aquamarine stone at the base.
  • Width 75mm - ø35mm
  • Main part 75x30x30mm
  • Penetrating 61mm - ø30mm
  • Weight - 70g
  • Compatible with all lubes
  • 100% Body Safe
  • Easy to clean after each use.
  • Metal does not retain any odor after cleaning.
  • Comes with a branded satin bag for discreet and easy storage.