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I have worked in the Adult Industry for over 25 years and in that time, I have had experience in wholesale, retail and administration of the adult industry. So I have experienced most components of adult retail. I believe that this experience provides me with a wealth of knowledge that has made me the person that I am today. I am passionate about the adult industry and I follow the philosophy that sex is fun. I believe that all adults have the right to fully explore their sexuality provided all participants are of legal age and consenting. In my opinion, most topics are not taboo. I applaud people who want to spice up their sex lives and explore areas out of their comfort zones by pushing their own personal boundaries. Most sexual fantasies or fetishes are purely the business of those who participate and providing all those participants are consenting and of a legal age, sex is not the business of any outside person or party to pass judgment. My business Sexy Secrets adopts those same principles and it is in conjunction with my experienced team, we source adult related sex products from all over the world that not only are designed to enhance the sexual experience of loving couples but also help spice up the sex lives of our customers. Since opening Sexy Secrets in November 2011, we have evolved the business into a boutique adult shop on Cosmopolitan Clarendon Street, as well as the introduction of a nice easy to navigate web store. In April 2016, we opened our latest superstore in Carrum Downs which services the bayside and peninsula region. I think that our slogan says it all, why not check us out and “Ignite Your Passion”.

Respectively yours Glenn (Director)



I am a Jack of all trades, or should I say Jane?! From making surfboards to canning tomatoes to studying criminology & justice to watching others get spanked to building timber furniture to working in gaols... No matter where life takes me I always end up back in the Adult Industry. I love it. Being the manager of such an amazing adult store is by far my most favourite job! I feel at home here. I am such an open minded non-judging person that I know I was made for this job. If you can call it a job, it is more than a job, it is my life. I know that sounds corny but I only know how to speak the truth. I am very passionate about educating our customers. From talking to males about the benefits of prostate milking, to educating females on the importance of kegel exercises, to discussing what lube is the best to use for anal. You can ask me anything, and if I do not know the answer I will endeavour to find out for you. Education really is the key! Sexy Secrets breaks the mould from old school ‘sex shops’. We do not have blackened out windows with seedy old men sitting behind the counter watching porn! We are a bunch of educated friendly females all with unique personalities but with one goal in mind... to help our customers! We do not care if you are straight, single, gay, a dominatrix, curious, married, trans, vanilla, a swinger, male, female or identify as no sex, we love you all. It is not just about ‘getting off’ here; we want every one of our customers to walk away satisfied that we helped them. If you are of sound mind, legal age and consenting then who cares what tickles your fancy?! Playing with and exploring your self is the best way to know what you like and do not like. So get playing guys ;)

Kisses Nat xx (Carrum Downs Store Manager)



Hi, I’m Laila, I’ve been working with Sexy Secrets for 2 years and this job, by far, is the most rewarding job I have ever been involved in. Every day is different and I can never predict what each day holds for me. All our staff members are female and we all share the same vision and philosophies on sexuality. We know what we like and are in tune with our bodies so this gives us a foot up on what products work for us. I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge by attending trade shows, seminars etc… that are hosted by experienced sex therapist. I pass this information on to my staff and as a team; we relay this information onto our customers. I come from a counselling background so talking to customers about their personal issues comes naturally to me. I always listen with an open mind and will offer appropriate non-judgemental recommendations bestowing my knowledge gained on people willing to listen. We have many women, men & couples who come into our store with problems that vary from medical issues, personal issues, relationship issues or people simply looking for something fun to spice up their life. Many of whom we endeavour to assist. I am extremely passionate about empowering women. I want woman to know, it’s ok to have crazy wild sex, and not feel ashamed or guilty about it. I provide non-judgemental customer service and am satisfied when my customers leave my store feeling very confident and have the courage to accomplish any fantasy their heart desires. I love observing (not in a creepy way) my customer’s mischievous smiles as they can imagine what a toy will feel like and then seeing them gain the confidence to purchase a toy to enhance their sexual experience. I also provide knowledge on how to use toys, make suggestions on how to incorporate toys in a couple situations or how to properly participate in sexual positions. There is no subject I shy away from. Whatever your question no matter how awkward, we will help find a solution. If you’re single, in a relationship, or playing the field, Sexy Secrets has something fun and exciting for you. Whether you need help with picking lingerie or learning proper sexual procedures, I’m your lady! So, come see me soon at the South Melbourne store 185 Clarendon Street.


Laila (South Melbourne Store Manager)



I have worked in adult industry for the majority of my working life (about 5 years now) working mostly on our webstore. In this time I have attended many trade shows, Expo's and seen and dealt with many different wholesalers and retailers all providing their own unique style of service and products sourced from around the globe. Amongst all of this I have witnessed the introduction of powerful technology like app controlled Bluetooth adult toys that are able to pair to your smart device and be used from anywhere in the world. Being fascinated with technology and the ever-growing part it plays in our lives, the fact that this has extended to the adult toy industry excites me and is something I am very passionate about. With this introduction of new technology I have also witnessed the cultural shift in online shopping.. I believe that sex should be fun and an enjoyable activity provided it is nothing illegal and the partaking pair are both consenting. Exploring your body and/or your partner’s body with adult toys is a great way to try new things and broaden your horizons... maybe even find something new that you never knew you liked. I hope that your experience with adult toys is a pleasurable one! :)

Kind Regards

Daniel (Web Manager)