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Educational books and DVDs are a great way to introduce new exciting techniques into your relationship. Our educational books and DVDs cover most topics in an informed often illustrated method. Take your love making to a new level by educating yourself with one of our informative range from the Sexy Secrets educational section.

Books: Educational books cover a wide range of topics including positions, techniques, fetishes, and just learning more about what your partner might like. Educational books come in a combination of both illustrated and pictorial form and are a great way to educate yourself on the latest information relating to all things sexual written by leading experts.

DVDs: Many of us like a more visual form receiving information and many of our educational DVDs cover just about any topic you can think of. An educational DVD is a great way to share information with your partner prompting a more open relationship and a likely catalyst to explore new and exciting techniques. They also make a great present to educate the young.