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Toy Care

Toy Care Instructions

Tips to achieve the most from your new toy purchase whilst protecting yourself against infection at the same time.

  • Never use your toy on areas of your skin that are irritated, inflamed or with open cuts.
  • Never transfer your toy from anus to vaginal or penis region. Bacteria can spread from this form of transfer causing nasty infection.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer instructions when using your toy in the bath or shower. Just because the packaging claims that your item is waterproof, doesn’t always mean that it is fully submergible, and damage may occur as a result of submerging.
  • Always use your toy as described on the packaging or by following instructions included with your toy for best use.
  • Never allow moisture within the battery compartment of your toy. Good quality fully waterproof toys have sealed battery compartments designed to not take water when submerged.
  • Ensure the battery compartment is secure and tight when batteries are inserted.
  • Remove batteries when your toy is not in use to avoid corrosion.
  • Some silicone toys will not take certain silicone-based lubricants. You are always best to use a water-soluble lubricant with silicone based toys to ensure no damage occurs.
  • Some adult toys are not suitable for use with some heavy duty alkaline / rechargeable batteries. To ensure maximum lifespan of your toy, we recommend the use of general-purpose battery brands. Refer to the instruction manual if you are not sure and always err on the side of caution. Use a general-purpose battery range in preference unless otherwise specified on the packaging.
  • Always use water or silicone-based lubricants with your toy. Some rubber toys will become damaged by using curtain oils or petroleum-based lubrication on your toy. The same rule applies with latex condoms. Always use a suitable lubricant for your purchase. Sexy Secrets sell suitable lubricants to compliment your purchase.
  • If you are uncertain, we recommend that you use a suitable multi-purpose lubricant with your toy purchase. Ask for advice if you are unsure.
  • Always wash your toy before and directly after use to reduce the likelihood of spread of infection. We recommend that you use an anti-bacterial cleaner / wipe to protect yourself and your toy. Sexy Secrets sell specific anti-bacterial toy cleaners suitable for personal sexual items.
  • We recommend that you apply the anti-bacterial toy cleaner to the surface of your toy and allow it air dry before and after use. To prevent further bacteria forming on the surface of your toy, we recommend that you stow away your device in a suitable, sealable bag and keep it in a safe position when not in use. Sexy Secrets sell sealable bags for this purpose.
  • Never allow water to enter the battery compartment of your toy whilst you are cleaning the device.