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Our Team


I have worked in the Adult Industry for over 25 years and in that time, I have had experience in wholesale, retail and administration of the adult industry. So I have experienced most components of adult retail. I believe that this experience provides me with a wealth of knowledge that has made me the person that I am today. I am passionate about the adult industry and I follow the philosophy that sex is fun. I believe that all adults have the right to fully explore their sexuality provided all participants are of legal age and consenting. In my opinion, most topics are not taboo. I applaud people who want to spice up their sex lives and explore areas out of their comfort zones by pushing their own personal boundaries. Most sexual fantasies or fetishes are purely the business of those who participate and providing all those participants are consenting and of a legal age, sex is not the business of any outside person or party to pass judgment. My business Sexy Secrets adopts those same principles and it is in conjunction with my experienced team, we source adult related sex products from all over the world that not only are designed to enhance the sexual experience of loving couples but also help spice up the sex lives of our customers. Since opening Sexy Secrets in November 2011, we have evolved the business into a boutique adult shop on Cosmopolitan Clarendon Street, as well as the introduction of a nice easy to navigate web store. In April 2016, we opened our latest superstore in Carrum Downs which services the bayside and peninsula region. I think that our slogan says it all, why not check us out and “Ignite Your Passion”.

Respectively yours Glenn (Director)


I have worked in adult industry for the majority of my working life (about 6 years now) working mostly on our webstore. In this time I have attended many trade shows, Expo's and seen and dealt with many different wholesalers and retailers all providing their own unique style of service and products sourced from around the globe. Amongst all of this I have witnessed the introduction of powerful technology like app controlled Bluetooth adult toys that are able to pair to your smart device and be used from anywhere in the world. Being fascinated with technology and the ever-growing part it plays in our lives, the fact that this has extended to the adult toy industry excites me and is something I am very passionate about. With this introduction of new technology I have also witnessed the cultural shift in online shopping.. I believe that sex should be fun and an enjoyable activity provided it is nothing illegal and the partaking pair are both consenting. Exploring your body and/or your partner’s body with adult toys is a great way to try new things and broaden your horizons... maybe even find something new that you never knew you liked. I hope that your experience with adult toys is a pleasurable one! :)

Kind Regards

Daniel (Web Manager)


Hi my name is Katie and I am the Manager of Sexy Secrets Carrum Downs store.

With over 6 years experience in the adult industry, from wholesale to retail to administration, I can honestly say this is the industry for me. I have learnt great things over the years from mentors, colleagues and from my customers. I am a very honest & outgoing person. I love listening and sharing stories with people. I take pride empowering men, women, singles & couples in their sex life by providing the right information and assisting with anything I possibly can. One of my biggest passions, professionally and personally, is sexual wellness and customer service.  By creating a relationship with each of my customers, I am able to assist in helping you find what you are looking for. Or maybe you will try something completely new and exciting. Our team consists of female staff members who are given the correct training on how to use toys safely, how they can benefit you and to remind each and every one of you that self love is important. Come on down and have a tour of our amazing super-sized store, I can guarantee you will feel safe, comfortable and satisfied.

Warm Regards

Katie (Carrum Downs Store Manager)


Hi I’m Jaime, I was extremely lucky to have walked into Sexy Secrets store in Carrum Downs 3 years ago. I did not realise I would leave with an amazing opportunity that was about to change my life. I started as a casual and worked my way through the business to become the manager of South Melbourne. I have enjoyed learning and gaining product knowledge and will continue to learn and grow so I can give my customers the advice and support they need. From trade shows to working Sexpo, the experiences I have had has been memorable.

Working in the adult retail industry is always a lot of fun, meeting people and being able to help them find what they are looking for and opening their minds to new possibilities that can awaken their inner devil or angel in the bedroom. Whether it is sensual or kinky intimacy we have a large variety of products in both stores to cater to all customers. So don’t be shy come in store look around and fall in love with Sexy Secrets.

Kind regards

Jaime (South Melbourne Manager)


I would like to introduce myself, Monica here from Sexy Secrets Carrum Downs. I’ve been working in this awesome Adult Industry for almost 2 years. At the age 42 years then, I found my dream job. I couldn’t believe my luck.  I work with an amazing crew of girls and all from different ages and backgrounds. We as a team work really well together and bounce off each other. It’s 1 of my happy places. Sexy Secrets prides itself on having a wide range of products, and if needed we make an effort to source products for customers. I personally enjoy helping customers find the right product to suit their needs. I also believe everyone has a right to experience what they choose without feeling judged and in this industry there is no such thing as a stupid question. I learn on a daily basis as we are always getting up to date training and always getting in new products. And believe it, that we also learn from our customers and love to pass on information as something’s are thinking outside the box. I’m very honoured and proud to work under the Sexy Secrets banner and I would love to welcome all to come in and “Ignite Your Passion“

Monica (Part-Time Crew Carrum Downs)


Hello, my name is Dianne and I work at the South Melbourne Sexy Secrets shop. I have been working here for a little less than a year, and adore our little boutique shop because of our great friend Laila, and the training and joy she had provided for me to ease into the Adult Industry world. I am in love with all the sexy new products that comes through our door. I have the pleasure of learning about each unique toy to lubricant and get to share this with customers who are in need of a little direction or looking for something new to spice up in the bedroom. Having a Diploma in Dance and currently studying a Bachelors in Acting, I believe it is important to be confident in our own skin and relish in our own sensual desires, whatever they may be. Everyone deserves to be creative in their own private space and explore new feelings and sensations with someone special or on their own. Sexy Secrets is the place to discover what makes you tingle and fill you with delight!

Dianne xx (Sexy Secrets South Melb.)