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Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are designed to both help with obtaining and maintaining erections as well as promoting a firmer longer and in some cases thicker erection. They come in both traction and vacuum varieties and are a popular device for men who are looking to improve their erections.

Traction Devices: A traction style penis aide is different to the more well-known vacuum style pump and is the latest trend in penis augmentation units. Like the vacuum pump style pump the traction device achieves better results with a scheduled program and constant use over time. The traction style unit effectively stretches the appendage forming microscopic tears to the cells which in short repair themselves and have been reported to add both length and girth to the penis over time. All traction style augmentation units should be used strictly to manufactures specifications and require full adherence to the provided program. If there is any sign of discomfort or pain you should immediately cease use of any penis pump or traction device.

Vacuum Pumps: A vacuum pump is as the name suggests a cylinder that fits over the penis and has an air tight seal at the base of the shaft of the penis. There is generally valve pump (either trigger plunger or bulb) attached to the top of the cylinder which when pumped, removes the air from the cylinder causing the penis to swell. This action encourages blood flow to the penis and with some stroking when fully erect the penis can continue to swell. Just like any workout, it is claimed with constant use of a vacuum cylinder pump the penis may indeed increase both length and girth.