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Introducing CalExotics: Leaders in Pleasure

September 04, 2019

Introducing CalExotics: Leaders in Pleasure

Since 1994 CalExotics has been at the forefront of the pleasure industry, designing and producing high quality sexual novelties for men, women and couples. Sexy Secret Shop is proud to announce a saucy new partnership with this pioneer of pleasure. To assist with the announcement of this exciting new partnership we thought we would give you a little rundown on on the company and their products.

A Californian thing

It’s hardly exaggerated when people say that California is one of the world’s sensual hotspots, with a raft of high-tech toy companies being based there and a majority of the world’s adult film distribution coming from the state, so it can hardly come as a surprise that CalExotics found their name and place on the Best Coast. They started out as a way of creating research-driven, highly-pleasurable sexual apparatuses that were more intricate than your standard dildo. They put years of research into creating products for men, women and couples that provide not only the utmost level of comfort for users but also the highest level of pleasure.

With so many companies joining the fray since 1994 CalExotics’ longevity is a testament to their ability to provide pleasure on another plateau. They just keep growing and growing, and this is why we’re proud to have their products coming to our online store.

What can you expect?

CalExotics don’t go making crazy adornments that turn out not to create pleasure and certainly don’t give satisfaction – they do the classics, and they do them well. You can expect all the favourites from them to be available at Sexy Secrets Shop: high-functioning and pleasure-providing dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, beads, whips, outfits – everything needed to take your night of pleasure to a night of erotic satisfaction on a whole new level. From the Dr Joel Kapalan Power Prostate Massage to the Sterling Collection™ Sleeve Set, you will soon be able to find a product at Sexy Secrets Shop from this special provider that will get your heartbeat racing and your sexual desire amplified.

It won’t be long

We will soon have CalExotics’ products available at our online store, so don’t despair. It won’t be before too long that you get to enjoy the sensual pleasure provided by this special supplier. We are just as excited as you are, trust us. Watch this space for the introduction of exciting CalExotics products to Sexy Secrets Shop’s online store.