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The Evolution of Sex Toys

October 25, 2019

The Evolution of Sex Toys

The Evolution of Sex Toys

Trivia fact: Did you know dildos date back as far as 26,000 BC?

Phallic shaped objects were made from ivory, siltstone or even teeth. Ewwww! Who would have thought? Electric vibrators were first advertised as beauty devices and cured everything from deafness to sciatica, and treat female hysteria. They looked like a cross between a metal blow dryer and an electric drill with a funny-looking small  suction cup attached.

The first strap-on dildos made an appearance in the 1960s. They were manufactured for impotent men so they could still satisfy their wives. It wasn’t until almost that the feminist movement put more focus on satisifying themselves There was also a discreet cushion that vibrated, a primitive version of today’s Sybians and a range of vibrators that were promoted as personal massagers, such as the Hitachi wand (the Rolls Royce of vibrators).

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the Rabbit, the first  vibrator that included vaginal and clitoral stimulation came onto the scene. It’s popularity skyrocketed when it was featured in an episode of Sex and The City (1998), where Charlotte was introduced to masturbation and introduced to the Rabbit. She loved it so much, she refused to leave the house with Carrie and MIranda required to hold an intervention. Plastic was soon replaced by silicon due to it’s more realistic texture and flexibility. It wasn’t until the 2000s that vibrators and dildos were improved so they were waterproof. Now sex toys have become sleekier, smaller and sexier. They can even be teamed with an app, able to be controlled by your partner whether they are in the same room or Siberia. If it’s been been a decade or two since you invested in some new sex toys; you might be surprised at what’s in-store at Sexy Secrets. Here’s a few of our favourites you might want to experiment with.

The G-Spot Egg For the girl that wants an intense orgasm, this vibrating g-spot egg is controlled via a wireless remote which means you can insert it for discrete play whenever you want. It works up to 20 metres away, so you can experiment with surrendering control to your partner. A dinner at a restaurant or walking down the street may take on a whole new level of excitement.

Sensuelle Pleasure Panty What a way to turn up the sizzle on your sex life. White cotton pleasure panties that house a pocket to insert a powerful 15-function bullet that is controlled by remote. Super quiet operation so no one has to know you’re wearing it. For the ultimate thrill, try wearing them out in public and handing control to your partner.

Assberries 7-speed Raspberries A juicy explosion will drive you to new heights when you being experimenting with anal play using the Assberries Raspberries. Berry textured for extra sensations and 7 vibrating speeds to choose from, the silicon butt toy is waterproof and designed for hours of intense pleasure. Tenga Egg Wavy Amazing masturbaton toy for the guys, the Tenga Egg comes in an egg shaped package which you have to peel like shelling an egg to get to the contents. Inside is a stretchy sleeve with textured design inside that slips over the head of the penis and can be moved up and down to simulate sex. It’s better than a fleshlight, because it caters to all shapes and sizes of penises. It can also be used as a couples toy! We-Vibe Sync One of the best selling sex toys, the We-Vibe Sync is app comtaible and can be controlled from via wireless remote using your smart phone. Create your own vibration patterns or get it to vibe to the beat of your favourite sexy song. Play with your partner whether you’re overseas on business or get them primed and ready while you’re on the way home from work. It’s fully adjustable for comfort. The smaller flat part inserts for g-spot stimulation, while the larger part of the Sync is used to vibrate your clitoris.It’s rechargeable via usb and lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge. 

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