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Top 15 sex games to spice up your sex life.

September 07, 2021

Top 15 sex games to spice up your sex life.

Top 15 sex games to spice up your sex life.

Sex games are a great way to spice up your sex life, particularly when foreplay has been reduced to a nudge in the ribs followed by “You awake?” Turn off the TV and explore our top 20 sex game ideas and check them off as you work your way through the extensive list.

If a lockdown is preventing you from having date night, this is a great way to get in the mood and forget about the global pandemic. Set the mood with scented candles, dim the lights and rediscover new ways to explore your sexuality while having a few laughs along the way.


  1. Cum Face Duel Pump Action Penis Game

    This hilarious game is full of wrist-pumping action. It's the only occasion when shooting your load early is acceptable! Race your partner to see who comes first and be declared the biggest w@nker! Before you commence pumping, fill up the machine with water (you could try Vodka!) and be the first to squirt all over your partner’s face.
  2. Hide and Go Grope
    Ideal for two or more players. You’ll need a dark room/house and blindfold the person who’s It! You have 20 seconds to remove your clothes and find a hiding spot. The person seeking must use their hands to find you. On finding the person in hiding, you are awarded a sexual request.
  3. Oral fun
    The game of eating out while staying in. As you make your way around the board, you’ll give or receive oral in ways you may have only dreamed of. Every symbol relates to a naughty category where you will go on a journey of eating or being eaten. Gargle and giggle your way through the kinky fun and mind-blowing trivia with the ultimate achievement of reaching square 69. Tease and tantalise your way to an orgasmic finish.
  4. Porn-like Pictionary
    Throw out the pen and paper and get busy drawing on your partner’s body using chocolate body paint, tracing images across their back with the lightest touch of your finger or body crayons.



  1. BJ Scratcher
    Forget winning money on instant Scratch Its, wouldn’t you rather win a blow job? With our BJ scratcher cards, this is one game, you’re guaranteed to get stiffed on.
  2. Strip Jack Naked
    You’ll need a standard pack of playing cards, divided equally and dealt face down. Without looking at the cards, take turns placing cards one at a time face up. If either player puts down an Ace, King, Queen or Jack, the other person must play a penalty.
    Four cards for an Ace, Three cards for a King, Two cards for a Queen and One for a Jack. Every time you have to pay a penalty, you must also remove a piece of clothing.
    The person who holds all the cards at the end and the most amount of clothes is the winner.

  1. Glow in the dark sex dice
    Frolic in the dark. Take a risk, throw the dice and let a game of chance determine your positions. What will the glow in the dark dice roll up for you?
  2. Guess the food
    You’ll need a selection of delicious eats and a blindfold. Take turns feeding each other different foods and trying to guess what they are. It sounds simple, but when you lose the ability to see, it’s much harder than it sounds. Don’t forget to include things like melted chocolate, strawberries and frozen vegetables.
  3. Truth or Sexy Dare
    Tell the truth or it’s your turn to take on a sexy dare. This is a good chance to get to know your bedroom partner better. If you choose not to answer the question, be prepared to submit to your sex partner’s wishes.
  4. Two Truths & One Lie
    The ultimate get to know your partner game can be played while lying in bed, on a roadtrip or whenever you’re bored and trying to kill time.
  5. Strip Twister
    When the kids are in bed, turn the family favourite board game into a spicy adult game where the Twister sheet is spread out on the bed. Take turns losing your clothes and maneuvering yourself into position. Every time you fail to make a move, you lose a piece of clothing.
  6.  Lucky Dip Fantasy
    Cut a piece of A4 paper into strips and write your fantasies that you may feel too awkward to say out loud and place them in a shoebox. Take one out the night before date night, so you know what props you need to make them become reality.
  7. Cos-Play
    Cos-play can add extra adventure to your bedroom antics. Will you take on the role of a sexy firefighter who’s burst into the bedroom and rescue a damsel in distress? Or do you fancy the idea of having Princess Leia or Wonder Woman bang your brains out? Adult costumes don’t have to be expensive and it can certainly add a little spice to your sex life.
  8. Beat the clock
    Whether you set an alarm or use an egg timer, give yourself a time limit where you tease and tantalize your partner on a deadline. For example: you have three minutes to get him as hard as a rock. Can you take on the challenge? Rules are he’s not allowed to touch you until the time is up!
  9. Never Have I Ever
    You may have played this as a drinking game, now it’s a saucy bedroom game. Take turns with your partner. Replace the drinks with slow kisses and sexual favours.

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