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If you like to sit around in your trackie daks and your Centrelink payments have just hit, then do yaself a favour and buy yaself boganology! It is the perfect game to play while smokin cones and sinkin piss!

If you can outrun the authorities in ya plugger thongs while pissed to escape a drunk driving charge, then this is the game for you!

From the guys that brought you Boganology comes the first ever bogan drinking game that so much more than just another drinking game... Every player starts the game with a clean driver licence, 12 points and a shot glass full of booze! Players take turns to move around the game...

Packed with Aussie culture, Boganology is a dead set bonza cracker of a game!


Product Details:

It’s more grouse than you

Straya designed and developed mate

It’s about beer, BBQs and bludgers

Play in your trackie daks!

It’s unaustralian not to buy it

Release your inner bogan!

For 2-4 players, ages 12+