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Pucker yourself up for some party fun! this fun game is lighthearted and fun and is a great way to break the ice.


Product Details: 

Perfect for: Bachelorette and Birthday Parties, Hen Night, or any Girl’s Night Out!

Contents: 1 Spinner, 50 Lips Stickers, and 50 Truth and Dare Activity Cards (100 different activities to choose from).

How to Play: Place the spinner, lip stickers, and the 50 activity cards face down on the table. There are three different activities on the spinner: Drink, Pucker Up, and Lips. The bride-to-be or hostess decides who will spin first. If the spinner stops on “Drink”, the player must take a drink and their turn is complete. If the spinner stops on the lips, you must take one of the lip stickers and secretly place a sticker on someone in the bar without getting caught. If you get caught, you must spin again. If the spinner stops on “Pucker Up”, you must draw a card from the “Pucker Up” card deck and perform the truth or dare activity. Once a challenge is completed, game continues and the player on the right will be next.