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5 Strange Sex Toys we have seen over the time

September 29, 2021

5 Strange Sex Toys we have seen over the time

5 Strange Sex Toys we have seen over the time

In all our years in the adult industry here at Sexy Secrets, I’m sure you can understand when I say – we’ve seen some oddly interesting products around. Products in our industry often come and go in a short space of time, read on below to find out what products we have seen come through the door that we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

In no particular order here is our top 5 list of the most oddly interesting adult toys. 

  1. Snorkel-O from Screaming O

AKA ‘F%#k Nose’ this unique sex toy is as handy as it is strange. It allows the wearer to breathe successfully through ones nose whilst performing cunnalingus. It vibrates from the breathable nose tip to provide non-stop stimulation. Complete with one-touch wireless activation, she will certainly be screaming Oooooo!

Muff diving will never be the same.

  1. Svakom Siime Gaga Vibrator

Now I’m sure most of you reading have taken a selfie in your time or at least know what a selfie is? They even make a ‘selfie stick’ that holds your phone and allows you to better the angle for a large group selfie ensuring no one is left out of the photo. Well, the idea of a selfie stick has now crept into the adult industry in an X rated toy form. The Svakom Siime Gaga vibrator takes an original straight style vibrator and sticks a camera on the end of it, so you can take an internal video while using the vibe and even make a live video call through your phone while you’re down there!

  1. Electra stim Urethra probe

Simply wrong in so many ways the Urethra Probe from Electra stim looks more like a medieval torture device then a sex toy. If it’s not bad enough to have a probe that inserts into the urethra, to also put a small charge of electrical shock through one of your most sensitive and erogenous zones defiantly qualifies as some medieval torture stuff!


  1. I Rub My Ducky

The ‘I Rub My Duckie’ Waterproof Personal Massager.

A vibrating rubber duckie that started a revolution in discreet personal massagers. Yes I know what you’re thinking; it brings back the childhood bath time memories... Not exactly what you want a sex toy to do.

The quiet 3 speed motor provides powerful waves of pleasure up and over the head and tail to soothe the stress and tensions of your day, but on the plus side it will discreetly tie right in to any bathroom setting, especially for someone with kids.

Just don’t let the kids play with it, for god’s sake!

  1. Fleshlight in a can Succu Dry

Vampires have become a lot more prominent in the last decade or so through TV Shows/Movies such as the Vampire Diaries and True Blood. It was only a matter of time before a sexy toy company brought it into the adult industry as Fleshlight did. Featuring the large sharp fang teeth at the front of the device, now you can really give in to your vampire fetish!