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Not Sharing is Caring

October 11, 2021

Not Sharing is Caring

Caring & not sharing

When considering a new toy, proper lubrication and cleaning of your toy is an important factor yet an often forgotten one.

Proper lubrication is not only important for comfort reasons (although self-lubrication happens when aroused), any extra lubrication will not hurt and can even enhance the enjoyment of your new toy.

The right lube is very important for your specific need. You cannot just use any lube with a sex toy. Some silicone lube applied to some silicone toys may break down the material of the toy. So if you are considering a soft silicone toy, a water based lube is the safest lubricant to use.

Tip: Lubricate your toy + yourself for maximum comfort!

  • Warming Lubricant – Enhancing & arousing
  • Cooling Lubricant – Desensitizing & calming
  • Silicone Lubricant – Doesn’t absorb into the skin stays wetter longer
  • Water-based lubricant – Used on any toy
  • Flavoured lubricant – Wonderful flavours available today
  • Specialty Toy Lubricants – Thick gel style & doesn’t run
  • Natural Lubricants – For those with allergies
  • Universal Lubricants – Suitable for all toys with silicone properties

How do I clean My Toy?

If your toy is fully waterproof it can effectively be cleaned in your dishwasher. Yes! That’s right, the dishwasher. For me the last thing I would want is to eat from a plate that shares the place in a dishwasher with sex toys UGH! Caution: Not all toys are suitable to wash in your dishwasher and may cause damage to the circuitry or materials.

While this may be a scary thought for some me included, the good news is that there are better ways to care for toys. Soap and warm water is always an option to clean just about anything, however unless the soap is PH balanced (many soaps are not) it will usually throw the PH balance off in your skin, and in intimate regions this can lead to nasty things such as yeast and bladder infections.

Using a good quality toy cleaner will avoid such infections, and keep your PH levels balanced avoiding redness and irritation.

Tip: You can even use a toy cleaner to hygienically wash yourself as well as your toy.