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How Long is Sex Supposed to Last

May 24, 2021

How Long is Sex Supposed to Last

How long is sex supposed to last?

Is your partner ‘Gone in 30 Seconds’? Or an all-night marathoner? Have you had enough after 10 minutes? How long is sex supposed to last? Here at Sexy Secrets, we’ve done our research and found some surprising results. We also have some helpful products for those of you who want to savor from sexual moments in your life, and products for those who just can’t seem to climax. So if you are desperate to find out what’s considered a ‘normal’ amount of time for sex to last, then keep reading!

When you’re in your early twenties, a weekend sex-a-thon may be the perfect way to while away the hours, however in your 40’s and 50’s, sometimes you just damn well want to get it over and done with so you can go to sleep, read a book and snack on Cheetos. Australian Sex expert Nadia Bokody told the Daily Mail the question of how long should sex last came up for her when a guy was in bed with an Energizer Bunny. He wanted to keep going at it and in a truthful confession she admitted to not being in peak physical condition and that eating corn chips in her snuggie was an idea of a workout.

Bokody who was interested in finding out what the normal amount of time for a sexual encounter to last decided to do her own investigations and discover a study from more than 74 years ago! Yes, they were still interested in the answer to this question way back then. The findings concluded that the average time for men to last back in 1948 was that 75% of men were done in two minutes. More recent studies reported the average length of a sex session was between three minutes to an hour.

Bokody told the Daily Mail,
“Interestingly, while research overwhelmingly indicates women require more time than men to orgasm during partnered sex, it’s typically men, not women, who report wanting nookie to last longer.

In fact recent studies reveal 80% of women are faking orgasms just to get it over and done with.


So how long should sex last?

So the answer to the question, how long is sex supposed to last, has no easy answer. If you’re in to tantric sex, it could last for days. If you’re doing it just because you’re fulfilling your marital duties so your partner doesn’t look elsewhere, then it’s going to be over a lot quicker. Don’t try to compare yourself to other couples, look at what’s normal for you!

Sex toys that can help your sex sessions last longer


Cock Rings

If you are a male and would like sex to last longer, discuss it with your partner and talk about ways you can make it more enjoyable for them. In addition to practical discussions, why not try introducing a cock ring or penis ring. It’s designed to fit around the base of the penis and/or the testicles. It applies pressure to the area and makes erections longer lasting. There are a variety of different cock rings and they are super affordable if you’re looking for a basic cock ring. They are available in super stretchy or with vibrating features.

Herbal Viagra


For the ladies, you might like to try Lipstick, a ladies answer to Viagra. It’s designed to Increase your overall energy, mood, desire, libido and sexual performance while simultaneously intensifying your orgasms and arousal the natural way.

Gels & Sprays

There are a variety of gels and sprays available to help delay ejaculation. We highly recommend Edge delay gel works different to other delay gels on the market, unlike other gels it does not numb you. It is made to leave with staying power you need to ensure your partner is always satisfied.

Stud 100 is a wildly popular prolonging spray for men! The mild anesthetic formula will allow you to enjoy sex more without the worry of reaching climax to quickly and instead allowing you to satisfy your lover completely and perform how you want.

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