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The ultimate beginner’s guide to Fleshlights by Sexy Secrets

May 18, 2021

The ultimate beginner’s guide to Fleshlights by Sexy Secrets

The ultimate beginner’s guide to Fleshlights by Sexy Secrets

This beginner’s guide to fleshlights will explain everything you need to know about the pocket pussy masturbators including:


  • What is a fleshlight?
  • How to use a fleshlight?
  • What to look for when you are purchasing a fleshlight
  • Bonus Tip

    Keep reading right to the end because we’ll also include some top tips on fleshlight use you won’t want to miss.

    What is a fleshlight?
    A fleshlight looks a little like a flashlight (hence the name) and rumour has it, the idea originated from a horny man who was forbidden by a doctor to have sex with his pregnant wife. It took two years from initial concept to production and the sex industry has never looked back since.

    Don’t be fooled by it’s torch-like exterior. Once you remove the cap, lo and behold, the inside replicates a woman’s vagina in both looks and feel. It’s one of the most popular male sex toys selling around 4 million globally each year and it’s little wonder. No need for STI tests, no need to wear protection and zero chance of catching COVID-19 from a sexual interlude.
    S. Guys, they’re completely waterproof, so you can discreetly play in the shower or bath.

    The inside of the fleshlight was constructed to be as close as possible to a real woman as possible, being soft, pliable and exceptionally realistic. They cater to the longest, widest and thickest of penises. You can even purchase ones that are modelled on your favourite porn stars such as Lisa Ann Barracuda or with suction for extra realism!

How to use a Fleshlight?

Now you have purchased your fleshlight, here’s what you can do to enhance your sexual experience.

Apply heat! As realistic as fleshlights are, they don’t generate that natural body heat that you will experience during sexual intercourse with a live, breathing female. Warming it up can help it feel a lot more realistic. The most simple way is to heat up the sleeve in a basin full of hot water. Submerge for about 3-5 minutes and then check the temp with your finger! You might also be able to source a special sleeve warmer—a strange looking contraption—which slides into the fleshlight until it’s warm and cosy! Do not microwave or boil on the stove!


Next use Lubricant.We have plenty of lubricant in store. Read the manufacturer’s instructions, but most pussy masturbators require you to use a water-based lubricant to prevent chafing. Depending on your sensitivity will depend on how much you lube you require. Some of you may prefer it oozing with lube, while others, a thin coating may do the trick. Oil-based lubricants will ruin the material.

Use your hand to control the device. Using your hand puts you in the driving seat. You have control over the speed and angle. The only annoying thing is that if you’re not the ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ type, your arm can get tired. Alternatively, if you wish to go by purchasing a special mount to make sure it stays still or buying a fleshlight compatible blow up doll. Or you can get creative and make a homemade mount, roll it in a towel placed at the edge of a bed or secure it with cable ties or duct tape.

What to look for when choosing a fleshlight?

With the huge variety of fleshlights available, finding one to suit your needs can be difficult when you’re a fleshlight virgin. To figure out what kind of fleshlight you need, it helps to know what orifices take your fancy (for example: pussy, butthole or mouth). Before you make a decision, think about what features you enjoy when using a fleshlight—realism, tightness, penetration, suction, ease to clean up afterwards.

If you’re not sure whether a fleshlight is for you, try cheap and cheerful with The Cheap Thrills Showgirl. If you are looking for a cheap thrill? Then look no further than The Showgirl—designed to satisfy your deepest desires by sucking you into the ultra-realistic Pureskin sleeve and delivering you with earth shattering orgasms. It delivers ultimate pleasurable experience and with easy low maintenance clean up and at only $20, you get more bang for your buck.

If you are looking for lifelike pocket pussy masturbators, the Crazy Bull Masturbator is the most lifelike pocket pussy on the market, featuring a tight, ribbed tunnel made from soft and plush TPR material that will make you blow harder than you ever have before! No need to purchase lube with this model because it’s made from this amazing material that self lubricates by just adding water.


Now for the bonus tips you’ve been waiting for.
One of the most common problems for fleshlight lovers is mounting it in a position for hands-free play! One of the easiest ways to mount your fleshlight without paying for a mount is to slide it between your mattress and your bed base. This only works if you have a standard bed ensemble mattress and a base (make sure the bed is pressed up against the wall) you don’t want to be chasing your fleshlight around the bedroom if the bed base is on castors.
Make sure any blankets or sheets are moved out of the way. Depending on the height of your bed, you may want to drop to your knees to allow better reach before you start thrusting. Another popular way to mount your fleshlight without spending any extra money is to use a high top sneaker. Simply insert it into the hole where you insert your foot, use socks if you need padding to stop it from moving around. Use the laces to secure the fleshlight for less movement and then place the prepared sneaker on the floor or on top of your bed and lie over the top of the sneaker. Make sure you experiment with angles and thrusting power until you find what works for you.

Due to the global pandemic, fleshlights are in limited supply, the demand is high. If the fleshight you are interested in is not currently in stock, place an order and we can let you know when your fleshlight arrives in store.