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How the 50 Shades series has impacted our sex lives

October 21, 2019

How the 50 Shades series has impacted our sex lives

The phenomenon of the impact of the 50 Shades movie franchise on people exploring their sexuality and particularly exploration of couples becoming more edgy in the bedroom. Certainly, sales of fetish products increased in conjunction with the movie.

 50 Shades of Grey has freed us in the bedroom! Who knew that a series of sexually explicit novels inspired by Twilight could set the loins of housewives across the world on fire. The phenomenon of the 50 Shades trilogy now described as ‘mummy porn’ came as somewhat of a shock to the author EL James. In an interview with the Guardian, she revealed she was still in shock the book made it on the New York Times Best Sellers List.  And then it levelled up when a movie studio bought the rights to take the saucy tales of billionaire Christian Grey and University Student Anastasia Steele to the silver screen.

 IN 2015,  Daily Mail reported online stores experienced a 30% rise in sales, and Melbourne topped the lists as Australia’s most friskiest city with sex toy sales increasing by 44%. However, the hype from the movies hasn’t abated and fetish products still continue to be sought-after as the 50 Shades fans discover a whole new world of pleasure and pain.

At Sexy Secrets, we can’t provide you with your very own Christian Gray, but we do have a great supply of fetish products for sale.

50 Shades of Grey Inner Silver Goddess Pleasure  Balls
In 50 Shades Darker, Christian asks Ana to wear what are more commonly known as Ben Wa balls(love eggs, vaginal balls, jiggle balls, orgasm balls)  to a masquerade party hosted by his parents. Through the party’s auction, Ana is increasingly becoming more aroused, so much so that she starts rubbing her hands over her silver ball gown and telling Christian she’s ravenous. “Now you know what those silver balls do!” he whispers. They’re barely at the party for five minutes before Christian wants to take Ana home and spank her.

For many women, silver Goddess balls increase the pleasure before penetrative sex, but they mostly designed to strengthen those kegel muscles. What Christian doesn’t tell Ana is that she needs to clench her vaginal muscles like there’s no tomorrow to hold them in. While they may be a little anti-climatic compared to what’s shown in 50 Shades Darker, the benefits from strengthening your kegel muscles will provide for more explosive sex.

50 Shade of Grey Spanking Ruler
If you’re dipping  your toes into the shallow waters of bondage, our flexible spanking ruler is a good place to start. Erotic spanking may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so ensure both parties are in agreeance before whipping out your ruler. Spanking can be highly erotic, not only for the person being spanked, but the spanker! Anastasia Steele first experiences an introduction to Christian’s world when she rolls her eyes at him. Start out with using a hand and if you want to level up your spanking session, try our 50 Shades of Grey branded ruler.

50 Shades of Grey Pleasure and Pain Nipple Rings

Part of the official 50 Shades of Grey collection beaded nipple rings add weight for a delicate balance between pleasure and pain. A little bit like clip-on earrings without having to have your nipples pierced (ouch) the pleasure and pain rings provide a satisfying pinch for during solo play or sex.

If the novelty 50 Shades of Grey products are if you’ve experimented with BDSM before and want to up your game, we have full range of nipple clamps, binders and restraints, handcuffs and anal sex toys.

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