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7 Halloween fantasy costumes for cosplay

October 18, 2019

7 Halloween fantasy costumes for cosplay

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to purchase a fantasy costume to add a little spice to the bedroom. Costumes are an ideal accessory to dabble in cosplay and try your hand at a little role-playing. At Sexy Secrets, we have a huge range of dress-ups from sexy police officers to fetish and burlesque wear. Surprise your partner for Halloween and turn up the heat with these fantasy costumes.

1. Irresistible Officer

“Spread your legs, I’m going to have to strip search you!” The only arrest your partner is going to experience is a cardiac arrest when you whip out the handcuffs for disobeying the law. This 5-piece fantasy costume set comes in an eye-stopping shade of electric blue. It features a corset, layered skirt and comes with accessories such as handcuffs, baton, hat, and necktie.

Brand: Music Legs
Sizes: 1XL/2XL

2. Cowgirl Costume Set

Giddy up, it’s rodeo time! Sexy as hell, this cowgirl costume will cause a stampede A halterneck top in a bandana print with a peek-a-boo butt (yes, you read that right!) and mesh booty shorts with fringe details, will have you blazing trails to the bedroom.

Brand: Play Up
Sizes: Small-medium or medium-large

3. Pirate Wench
“Me skull and crossbones aren’t the only thing I’m going to be raisin’ tonight me hearties” Forget the pick-up line you won’t need it when cosplaying as a much sexier Captain Jack Sparrow. This 5-piece pirate costume set includes an off-the-shoulder, peasant dress in a stretch knit, ruffled hem, lace-up sleeves, and lace-up removable corset. The look is completed with a headscarf and pirate booty bag.
Brand: Dreamgirl
Sizes: Medium

4. Fang Banging Vampire
You may not sparkle like one of the Cullen clan, but your fang-tasy will become a reality when you take on your new persona as a sexy vampire. Candy’s not the only thing you’ll be offered when trick or treating. Leaving bleeding hearts in your wake, this stretch knit dress with a scalloped edge neckline will enhance your curves. No vampire is complete without a matching cape, neck choker, and fangs.
Brand: Dreamgirl
Sizes: Small

5. Sergeant Major
Real heroes aren’t in movies. Real heroes dress up on Halloween and on date night to fulfill bedroom fantasies. In full camo jumpsuit, you’ll be able to bark out the orders. The Halloween costume comes complete with a black gun holster. Dog tag and hat are not included.
Brand: Scrumptious
Size: Medium-large

6. Witch Set
Be the baddest witch on the block with our 5-piece witch setsperfect for Halloween dress-ups.  It comes with everything you need to transform into being wicked including a witches hat, a rubber nose and pointy chin with warts, green teeth and a set of long black fingernails for extra effect.

7. Play Super Sexy
Ladies, lock up your husbands because dressed in this supergirl-inspired costume, your partner will be like kryptonite to the men of the world (and maybe even the ladies!). This cute superhero dress-up features a blue and yellow tank with a pleated skirt and matching panties. It also comes with a soft microfibre cape. Forget the trick or treating, because you’re guaranteed to be up, up and away.
Brand: Fantasy Lingerie
Size: Australian 12-18