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The Sneaky Pleasures of Remote Anal Foreplay

September 04, 2019

The Sneaky Pleasures of Remote Anal Foreplay

The digital age has opened up new horizons for sensual stimulation. Sexual technology has come a long way since the early days of the rubber dildo, and you can now find advanced gadgets that can produce any kind of orgasm, at any location.

Case in point: remote anal stimulation. If you’re a girl or guy who loves a bit of public stimulation and enjoys the sneakiness of doing it on the sly, then remote-controlled anal toys are the perfect gadget for you. I began allowing my partner to control the remote about two months ago, and it has been one of the most thrilling sexual experiences I’ve ever had.

Read on if you want to find out more about the sneaky pleasures of remote anal foreplay.

F**ked From Afar

I’ve always loved anal, and my partner really enjoys giving me anal pleasure, so when we heard about the remote-controlled Je Joue remote butt plug, it’s fair to say we both got a bit of a rush in our pants. That being said, when we had both originally heard “remote-controlled” we thought it meant nothing more than my partner sitting in front of me, controlling the motions of this plug, doing what we wanted with my bottom. In return, I would receive spontaneous, unpredictable anal pleasure.

That aspect was amazing: we spent hours with me laying on my back, legs spread and with an alien gadget inside of me being controlled at the speeds of which my partner pleased – it was a massive turn on for the both of us. Then, after one session of naughty anal stimulation we discovered that the remote could be used remotely. Being the adventurous types that we are we said hey, ‘why not take this to the next level?’

The next day at work, when things had quietened down, I slipped off to the bathroom and inserted the Je Joue you know where. I texted my partner saying, ‘when you’re ready’ and waited. The suspense was killing me, as I knew he was forcing me into a game ‘when’s this gonna happen?’ and about half an hour later I felt a light vibration up there. The stimulation and sneakiness of the whole thing sent me wild even before he had even turned it up to full. From now on, whenever I get the need for some stimulation of the back orifice whilst at the office, I turn to the Je Joue, available for purchase at Sexy Secrets Shop now.