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5 Best Selling Sex Toys People are Panic Buying

June 21, 2021

5 Best Selling Sex Toys People are Panic Buying

5 Best Selling Sex Toys People are Panic Buying

When we popped the champagne corks in December 2019, hugged friends, sexed it up, and welcomed in the New Year with a bang, who would have guessed that 2020 would be a year of hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer and frozen food. Coronavirus has changed what’s important and like bog rolls, sex toys are now on the list of things we need to panic buy to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out).

With the second wave of COVID-19 ravishing Victoria and the entire state in lockdown, sexual frustration is rampant for those of us who have F-buddies living within our 5km radius. It seems we are a country that can’t go without sex and sex toys are on the list of things we can’t live without.

It’s not that we’re surprised by the panic buying of sex toys, it’s the number of sales that has us buzzing. Prior to lockdown, adult stores across Australia were staying open later to cope with the demand according to a news report by ABC Australia. In Canada, sex toy sales have increased by a whopping 135%, while sales in New Zealand have tripled. From personal experience, our website was struggling to keep up with the demand, however, we have now restocked with most popular adult toys. If the item you are after is sold out. You enter your details to be notified the minute it gets uploaded to our site so you don’t miss out.

Sex and masturbation are good for our mental health and sex toys should be considered an essential much like a set of dumbbells or a pair of good walking shoes. If you’re not in lockdown or quarantine with your partner, a vibrator or fleshlight might be the next best thing to keeping you stress-free and keep sexual frustration at bay. Plus a vigorous self-love session is a good way to help you ditch those CO-VID kilos.

But let’s take a look at some of the best-selling sex toys from our Sexy Secrets online adult store.

1. Satisfyer Pro G-spot Rabbit Rechargeable

The humble rabbit vibrator grew to fame when it was featured in an episode of Sex and The City. Charlotte loved her rabbit so much she was blowing off her friends and refusing to leave the house just so she could stay at home alone and masturbate. The Satisfyer Pro G is a supercharged rabbit and offers the reliable Revolutionary Air Pulse Technology with an added powerful vibration function for the insertable shaft. The two motors can be controlled independently of each other, thus allowing for individual pleasure. It will have sex bunnies all over the world twitching with pleasure. (Okay, we sell adult toys, we never said we were good with puns!).

2. We-vibe Match

The We-Vibe match allows you to share excitement and intimacy. Simply wear the We-Vibe match during sex for clitoral and g-spot stimulation and enjoy rumbly intense vibrations that both you and your partner (if you’re lucky enough to live together) can enjoy. It also comes with a remote to allow you to build the intensity or change the mode without having to break up the fun. This toy is designed for couples that already have experience using vibrators and the slimline design will allow you to wear it while still accommodating your partner.

3. Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight

The Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight is ideal for blokes whose partner lives outside their 5km radius. When you can’t have the real thing, an artificial vagina is more exciting than your hand. The transparent design allows you to see your manhood at its prime. Simply adjust the cap at the back for the desired suction and test your stamina. This unique fleshlight responds to temperature for the perfect explosion every time.

4. Stay Hard Cock Ring

Another one for the guys and a must if your CO-VID buddy is putting the demands on you during lockdown. This beaded cock ring is designed to help you perform like a pro! It’s simple to use, and a great way to stay harder, feel bigger, and go for longer.  The trio of cock rings are super-stretchy to accommodate most sizes.

5. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

This fully submersible, waterproof,  touch-free clitoral stimulating device gives you faster more heightened orgasms than any other toy! It’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower, bath, pool, or in the rain... if you are so inclined!

The upgraded version of the well-known Satisfyer Pro 2 includes a larger oval head and a plus and minus intensity button making it so much easier to control. It also charges, so there are no messy cords to worry about and when it goes flat, you simply plug it in.

Private, discreet, and a lot of fun. Sexy Secrets is a secure online adult toy sex store where you can browse through our range of exciting apparel designed to help you explore all your sexual desires. The Sexy Secrets selection of adult toys includes everything from lingerie to dolls, dongs, and edible accessories that are bound to satisfy and give you hours of endless fun. If you are looking for an adult sex shop in Melbourne or ordering online in Australia, look no further than Sexy Secrets.

Whether the reasons for this can be attributed to a way of dealing with the anxieties of Coronavirus, or merely bored people with more time on their hands, either way, we’re all about promoting sexual happiness.