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Does Size Really Matter?

July 06, 2021

Does Size Really Matter?

Does size really matter? From the Micropenis to being too large...

Does size really matter when it comes to your appendage? Believe it or not, size does play a significant role in mental health, according to the experts. But whether you have a micropenis (yes, this is a thing!) or Tyrannosaurus Rex of the penis world, you can still have sex, but how you go about it is just a little bit different.

If sex is like playing a piccolo in a cathedral and you suspect you’re smaller than the average guy—which Science Mag tells us is 13.2cm long—it can result in lack of self-confidence and relationship avoidance. Society would have you think anything smaller than average is a micropenis, but only 0.6% of the population are diagnosed at birth with the medical disorder.
Unless a doctor has specifically told you, you have a micropenis, then chances are it’s just smaller than normal. And that’s okay, because we have some tips and toys to help you out in the bedroom.

The Micropenis
Simply because you have a micropenis does not mean that it operates any differently to any other guy. You can still get erections and have orgasms. Usually, it is caused by a lack of testosterone during the development stage. Testosterone treatment prior to puberty may be helpful, Dr Arash Akhavein, MD, urologist at Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles, told Health.com, or undergoing penile lengthening. However, if your manhood has inverted, just thinking about a surgeon going anywhere near your junk with a scalpel, then we have some less invasive suggestions to help you out in the bedroom.

There’s more to sex than purely penetration. Of course, you can use your fingers, lips and tongue.
If you want a little more help you can purchase the Size Does Matter Deluxe Penile Aide. This contraption uses stretching techniques to help you grow and expand. It’s designed to be worn for several hours, so it was created to be comfortable and discreet.

How does the Size Does Matter Deluxe Penile Aide work?


According to the manufacturer’s instructions, if you continually subject the penis you will promote the dividing of cells and the growth of tissue mass. The length of time it is worn determines the speed and quality of the results. This method of stretching is an old fashioned technique. In a study on penile extenders conducted by urologists, some men reported increases of 0.2 to 1 inch in growth.


Penis Pumps
At Sexy Secrets we have a range of penis pumps. They work by using suction to draw blood into the penis causing it to swell, so your penis gets primed for action. The Beginner’s Power Pumpwill cause you to swell and if you’re new to experimenting with penis pumps is a good way to get rock hard and ready to pound your way to bonkersville. They’re also available in a variety of colours so you can match it to your eyes or bedroom decor.

If you’re serious about enlarging your manly beast, it could be a job for the Maximizer Worx VX3 Auto Pro Pump. This is a professional grade pump that perhaps you’d find if you wanted to be engorged for male strip review.

Are penis pumps safe?

In the medical field, penis pumps are referred to as vacuum erection devices, and according to Healthline, are safe for us unless you are prone to blood clots, use blood thinners, or have a blood disorder.


Wearing a Cockring

Cockrings have the same effect as a penis pump but are generally cheaper and remain on during sex. We recommend starting off with a flexible cockring if you’re a beginner. Don’t forget to remove your pubes, because if they get caught, it’s gonna hurt—a lot! Don’t leave the cockring on for more than 30 minutes and if it gets stuck and you are unable to remove it, we recommend an urgent visit to your emergency department. For those who like a little vibrating action and want to pleasure their partners at the same time, try the Sensuelle Remote Control Bullet Ring


Having a micropenis may make penetrative sex difficult and if you find penis pumps or cockrings don’t work, don’t lose hope. Let Sexy Secrets introduce you to the world of strap-ons. Now these just aren’t for pegging or for female to female penetration.  The Hollow Strap On allows a male to slip inside and penetrate their partner, it features a sensual texture and thrilling size coupled with a firm yet flexible shaft that allows the receiving partner to feel every thrust. 

The Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Penises

If you’re oversized and one look at you swinging your salami sees girls and guys running for cover, it doesn’t necessarily mean that sex is better. There is such a thing as too big! Some women who are able to achieve orgasm through penetration prefer those with more girth, but for others, a large penis can prove uncomfortable. It does doesn’t have to ruin your sex life though.

For those with gigantic penises, foreplay is your friend. You may also want to invest in a couple of different sized vibrators and dildos, as these are said to help relax your partner’s vaginal muscles and prepare her accommodating your size. You’ll also need plenty of lubricant. Wicked Aqua Sensitive is a superior hypoallergenic indulgent lubrication for all your delicate areas. Enhanced with Aloe & Olive extracts, as well as Vitamin E, it has been dermatologist tested and approved. Free of Parabens and Glycerin.

And if you’re simply too big that it’s too painful for your bed partner, there are some great new sex toys to help alleviate your tension. We highly recommend the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration!

Now you can heat things to a toasty body like temperature with the innovative warming function that provides you with a pleasant warming sensation so close to the real sensations you won't be able to tell them apart!  The vibrations coupled with the heat will leave you breathless as the Satisfyer whips you down the path of pure bliss!